Georges St-Pierre Leaves UFC, Free Agent 

Big time. Finally a big time superstar fighter* standing up to Dana other than drug cheats like Chael Sonnen or C Level T-Shirt Salesman Divas like Brandon Schaub. UFC hasn’t released a statement yet but if this does shake out true you have to think Bellator is coming for him first. Rory Mac and GSP on a card in Toronto could do giant numbers. But, GSP is going to make the rules from here. If he wants to line up easy fights on a fight to fight deal like an assassin he could do that and coast. He could also dive right back into the fire with someone like Ben Askren and have a giant fight, Askren is smart and knows the deal, he’s been beating up bums and talking shit on Dana for years now-

(holy shit that has potential to be the most boring fight of all time if their wrestling just doesn’t cancel each other out)


The biggest long shot is a Mega Powers explode angle with Rory McDonald, one of them turning on the other and they are capable of breaking Conor numbers on Pay-Per-View with a company like Bellator.

Should be interested going forward. But god damn, listening to him on the MMA Hour was rough. Georges being out of my life for the last couple years I forgot how hard he is to understand. Still figuring that whole tone and pronunciation thing out.

(*-other than Conor McGregor who can do whatever he wants)


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