Once Happy Times Are No More; #GottiCountry Is In Shambles

Do you remember when times were so much more simple? A couple, together with me a “fam” with a bond so strong, how could you ever imagine it being broken?

Unfortunately today on Facebook, it appears yet again another roadblock has been thrown into the once strongest unit in I don’t know… Facebook? Wrestling? Gang? Fam? I dunno what we even do anymore but it’s truly sad to see this once unbreakable bond go up in flames today on Facebook. Lets take a look at the first two rounds…


Bobby coming out of the gates HOT here! “Bla bla fuck your family” is basically leading off the game with a double. Well done. Teresa does herself no favors with some nonsensical shit about hoping Bubbles mama can read and Bobby drives that run right home immediatley after with a hope you can die blast. Teresa goes into self defense mode here and chops it up with Kris and Tammi Brown about the merits of what a new good guy she has. This really comes off coincidentally as Teresa having an internal battle inside her mind, convincing herself that Bobby isn’t the one for her and she made the correct choice going with new kid on the block- CHUCK but you can see she’s still slightly turned on by the “Bad Boy” Bubbles Burr.

Regardless after 1 round it’s Bubbles Burr 1-0, “bla bla fuck your family” is an all timer.

Round 2!


Strong rebound from Teresa here. Bobby went low, a little too low for my tastes. And being someone who blogs about this kind of stuff you can see just about where my standards are in the first place. Bringing a “retarded son” and “dead mom” into things just isn’t cool. Then when Bobby asks the rhetorical question of “How many retarded cunts are there in the world” Teresa chops his head off with “U and ur momma” Teresa evens the fight up at 1-1. But then I had to step in, this is my fam. I can’t let this continue.


Bold move by the 40 year old fat man to say he’s not scared of a 23 year old also potentially, maybe fat woman. But whatever, I had to step in. Teresa called the guns off and we end this fight in a draw. This isn’t my first rodeo with these two going all out at each other on Facebook and certainly won’t be my last. If you happen to see these two fighting on Social Media, please do not jump in and tag me into it and encourage this behavior or anything. That is the absolute LAST thing that I want. I repeat, don’t encourage this! Hopefully cooler heads then true love prevail and Gotti Country can reform.


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