Update: Man In Wheelchair Tries To Rob Downtown Bank, Actually He Didn’t

You just knew this story had yet to conclude… Previously in ‘Man In Wheel Chair Tries To Rob Downtown Bank, Shockingly Doesn’t Get Away

Now this weekend, our dude comes out with his defense. Per WOWT.Com

Nordby receives disability payments and has a Wells Fargo account. When he tried to close the account on Wednesday, Omaha Police tell WOWT 6 News he got into an argument with a bank representative and caused a disturbance.

Nordby told WOWT 6 News: “I said I was leaving and the security guard decided to call the police.”

According to OPD, Nordby had a note on a stack of papers that said: “Give me all the money and no one gets hurt.” Nordby did not give the note to the teller, but she did see it and notified a security guard anyway. (Full Article- Here)


Classic move here by Nordby. The old trick or treat a little early. Have a paper laying out in plane sight that says “Give me all the money and no one gets hurt” but never really giving it to them, how can he be in trouble for that?  His personal property. Classic diversionary tactic, can’t help but respect it. Like walking into a Strip Club with your meat hanging out, yeah you weren’t sexually assaulting those women your penis was just presenting itself in case maybe one of them was interested. Just like you didn’t force the bank to hand over any money with a threatening letter, it was just there. You know, just in case.

This was pretty much a flawless game plan executed by my guy Nordby, all but it not working. He now is able to claim the Wells Fargo employees were discriminating against him, possibly get himself a fancy little law suit, maybe a GoFundMe from some charitable folks. Fool proof plan, profit coming out both ends. Well done.


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