UPDATE: Two Days Later And #GottiCountry Is Still In Shambles

Just two days ago- “Once Happy Times Are No More; #Gotti Country Is In Shambles” I thought after I posted that blog cooler heads may prevail. America’s sweeathearts would realize what a mistake the public quarrel was and reunite. But here we are days later and things have went from bad to worse.

Lets check out what is going down now.


Engaged!?! No way! Hopefully this was just some next level Facebook Trolling. They didn’t really do it did they? Not when she was just happily with Bubbles weeks ago, you don’t put a ring on it that quick.


Holy shit! An actual ring! Tangible evidence! It fits like Cinderellas Slipper as well. Not sitting on there too tightly at all. Just beautiful. I can’t believe it’s really happening. Note the shopping cart in the background. Romantic.

Also, is that a shrunken down Million Dollar Belt?

Well now that it’s official you know the Facebook Beef popped off….


Well any engagement is sure to last when the Fiance is bringing up and tagging her ex-man of two weeks ago just two posts in. And you know what? He “don’t give a shit Wat all these bitches say” so why don’t you mind your own business Gabriella Gonsalez.



Bubbles from the grave!!! I love it. He’s taking them both on at once. Also gotta love the irony of the word retarded being tossed back and forth between the scorned lovers. Sick burn by Gabriella saying that Bobby doesn’t even like to breathe because it takes so much work. I unfortunately fall victim to that same problem at times. You ever sit and start thinking about how much work it is to breathe? Try it for me, you’ll be annoyed after like 5 breaths (then forget about it and continue living unless you’re Bobby, then it’s too much work).


Amazing, classy and elegant just three words that come to mind when I look at that engagement photo.


Look I swear to god. This is real. This isn’t a figment of my imagination. I didn’t pay two actors to do this and advance the #GottiCountry brand and get me more blog views. This is REAL SHIT. He really proposed, in a grocery store spontaneously. He really (probably) got that ring out of a vending machine earlier that day and that ring got her sober and Bobby laughed at that.

What the fuck? I don’t know what is going to happen next but I do know one thing, this story isn’t over. This is just one chapter in the middle of the book of #GottiCountry. I’ll be back soon with more updates, possibly a sit down interview with Bubbles next Thursday at the PWP show at the Waiting Room in Omaha.

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Oh and remember my good friends the Raaaannnnnnshaws? Well their attorney has contacted them about some important stuff you may want to tend to on Facebook…


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