For The Last Time, I Am Not This Meth Smoking Pick Ax Wielding Psychopath


A Daytona Beach man Volusia deputies said was smoking drugs over several days with a partner was accused of trying to kill the man in an attack with a pick ax, sheriff’s investigators said.

Daniel Brown, 47, was charged with attempted felony murder, manufacture or delivery of methamphetamine and trafficking methamphetamine. He was being held at the Volusia County Branch Jail on Wednesday on $105,000 bail, records show.

According to investigative reports, Brown met the victim, Dylan Everett, 26, over the weekend and they were together at a home on Gary Boulevard in Daytona Beach where they had been smoking methamphetamine for several days, reports show.

On Tuesday, an argument between the two men broke out after 4:30 p.m. Everett told investigators that Brown took his cellphone and during the physical argument, Brown grabbed a pick ax and swung it at his head. Everett deflected the blow by raising his right arm and suffered a 2-inch puncture. Everett was also wounded in the leg, investigators said. Everett was taken to Halifax Health Medical Center for treatment.


Look, I’m not even mad if you say I look like this meth smoking, ax wielding psychopath Daniel Brown. If we’re being honest, that’s a good looking dude right there.  Most people are looking at him like “Hardy har har, it looks like you Hype!” and correlating that headline to behavior I’d be involved with, but at no point… Let me repeat at no point have I ever wielded a pick ax at a friend while high on methamphetamine and you can’t take that to the bank!

But I’m a glass half full type guy… The guy has hair like Goldilocks, a bronzed tan to die for and a Five O’Clock Shadow that would make George Clooney blush. So aside from his teeth, which he haven’t got a peak at it I say thank you! Thank you for comparing him to me, that was the boost of confidence I could use today. You know how typically sexy criminals get these weird women coming out of the wood works to give them marriage proposals and put money on their books?  Well, women can just direct their fan mail to me as I’m pretty much this dude without the risk of being high on meth and attacking you with a pick-ax but still a little bad boy edge to me. The best of both worlds!

PS- And Daniel Brown is 47 years old!?! Gonna rerprise this blog in 13 years and hope I’m even still that good looking. Life comes at you fast.. Have a life Danny!

PPS- Shout out to the first sentence of that article-



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