The Sit Down Interview With Bubbles Burr Was Classic

It’s just too bad nobody will have heard it than Zac James and Tony Cortez because my phone didn’t pick up the audio for some reason. Little things like that you’d think I would test out beforehand, relying on Apple to not fuck up my break through moment in journalism. That’s on me. Just classic Hype Gotti life, get some great material and fuck it up, water always finds its level.

For now. Enjoy the non audio version, let your imagination run wild and think about what was said here. I can assure you however ridiculous it is, it was even more.

I guess in one way you can view this as performance art though. Maybe I should get paid some big bucks for this shit. A choose your own adventure story like never seen (or heard) before.

And talk shit on Bubbles used up Gotti Country shirt all you want, that’s just what we call loyalty where I come from and he was looking Cat Burglar fresh after the show.


Bubbles Burr, legend. Follow up interview to come, next time featuring audio!

PS- Sliding into your girls DM’s like



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