Dude Breaks The First Rule Of Cooking Meth In The Woods


OMAHA, Neb. —

Omaha police landed another arrest Monday, after following a suspect from above.

Officers chased 42-year-old Christopher Seminara through public park. He was believed to have been making meth in the woods.

“We were tracking a suspect that had been called in for some kind of drug complaint. He’d ran from officers,” Able 1 pilot Jason Messerschmidt said.

Authorities said they’d been following Seminara through Saunders and Dodge Counties. They said he was the passenger in a vehicle that was driving erratically.

Officials found him near 114th and Harney, by the Lamp Park softball fields.

They said he exited a porta-potty with a “bottle of something,” which is when they moved in.


What a knucklehead!  You broke the cardinal rule of cooking Meth in the woods dude. You never take pit stop at a porta-potty while on the move from your operation. I see your picture man, I see you should be smarter than that. This definitely wasn’t Christopher’s first rodeo cooking meth in the woods.

Genius move to be in the woods though, you score points for that man. Boss hiding spot for baking rat poison. You would think thousands of trees would provide you with enough cover from the cops that you wouldn’t need to leave but nah. Had to get out there and walk around West Omaha away from your operation.

Plus that hair man, 43 years old rocking a mo-hawk?  Was this just a cry for help in reality?  Begging to be arrested to save you from this life of crime, meth, porta-potty’s and shitty hair cuts?

I thought with Breaking Bad that cooking meth was en vogue, new, hip, classy. I thought our new school meth cooks would be handling themselves with class.

But absolutely not, Christopher Seminara my friend you give meth cooks a bad name.


Heisenberg would be disgusted with how you’ve handled yourself dude.

BTW- Who the fuck do we have flying these choppers in Omaha? Landing it near the woods and chasing this tweeked out psychopath down? Was it fucking Rambo in the Combat Chopper? Give that man a pay raise!



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