So Messed Up KCXW (Kansas City Xtreme Wrestling) Won’t Book Me 

Admittedly it’s been years since I’ve got on my Pro Wrestling grind. Hit up Social Media and tried to get bookings, log miles, make towns and get experience. Just entrench myself back into “The Biz” when I came across a new hot Midwest fed making noise in Kansas City with top tier workrate, cutting edge storytelling and production straight out of the year 2026. People, let me introduce you to Kansas City Xtreme Wrestling.

After some more scouring Youtube for videos I knew that I wasn’t done. I have some more to give to Pro Wrestling. I had to be a part of this #Revolution. So I reached out to them on Twitter with some blunt honesty. I’m not good enough, I am willing to work though.


Damn! Well would ya look at that? I’m already being taught up after 15 years in the business the fellas at KCXW showing me something I never knew. Pretend to be confident not my normal self deprecating trolling self. NOTED!

Welp, here goes nothing. My plan while seeking out this booking was to come off, loosely put like a “robotic professional” like Siri in Human Form.


There we go. Step one to taking my career back. Now it’s the waiting game. Jesus was resurrected in one day, hopefully Hype Gotti’s career can be as well.


Truth be told I have no patience and followed up almost immediately.

*Steps out of troll mode* I was downright offended they are pretending to not know who I am. By any metric in the Kansas City/Omaha/Des Moines Triangle of the Midwest I’ve been a top 5 Performer here the entire time through that entire stretch when active. Don’t act like you don’t know you bums.
*Steps back into troll mode*


Truth be told I was out from the jump. I shouldn’t have brought up Sydal, Wyatt and Sterling. They treat KCXW like the ants they are in KC. The KCXW guys are insanely jealous. So due to that lack of patience I probably blew my cover that I was fucking around right there… So buckle up for this ride. I now talk to myself on their page for the next dozens of messages. I’m a 35 year old and this is what I do for entertainment. I can’t confirm nor deny that I was also funneling these messages to a group text for cheap pops and suggestions.


The classic indie gimmick would have fit right in over at KCXW, the Heartbreak Kid, Rock and Taker mash up was money! I think $250 was a fare asking price as well, I guess you could say I put a price on my dignity. What a whore.

and AYYYYYEEEE SHOUT OUT TO DAT BOI ALEX GUTROT (no for real, shout out to Gutrot. He’s new in the business and reached out to me to say hey like a professional so I edited some jokes out. I don’t know a thing about him and was just having fun at his expense through the KCXW page. Best of luck to him. See? I’m not a bad guy)


This fucking guy Devon Scott, super nice guy. Dog shit awful in the ring, a travesty that somehow he’s been wrestling 18 years. But 18 years and I can’t find one fucking pic of you on google? Come on dude. GREAT guy though.

I would love to see da Meltzs real reaction to a Cortez/Gotti vs Mauler/Big Dogg match. Probably would have the same kind of enthusiasm he had for the Bucks/Cole vs Ricochet/Sydal/O’Spreay except the EXACT opposite.

It was here I began to lose my patience even further. You reply to me god damnit! I don’t know Lady Pride, what she looks like or anything so absolutely no offense to her. I just couldn’t stop laughing at this point talking about my pecker getting a stiffie while inquiring about a booking. Shout out to Kraig Keesman’s ‘Windy Wine Company’ as well. Check it out.

I trained Sonjay Dutt, taking credit for that. Why won’t you book me? I now event threaten to report them to smoke them out of their hole and reply to me. Last thing anyone wants to do is be reported so quit wasting your time AND FREAKING REPLY TO ME!



I should point out they are reading all of these messages at this point, I’m just screens capturing them as I send. So I’m openly being ignored. Complete unprofessional-ism from Kansas City Xtreme Wrestling. But for real while I had their ear you can’t blame me for trying to get to the bottom of things. Is The Purple Phoenix none other than Davey Richards?!? The pics led me to the conclusion that with some tattoo cover up it absolutely is Davey Richards. Huge get for KCXW folks.


James Ellsworth shaming is the hot topic in Indie Locker rooms nowadays. The go to hot take topic for “why him and why not me?” further showing off that most people in the business just don’t understand the business. Ellsworth is a SUPERSTAR baby! Ellsworth will be back on the indies getting $500 shots while you’re still wondering why with your $30 payday suckers!


Blocked me!?! Was it something I said? Cowards! I will take to Twitter now to really get to the bottom of this!



Blocked all over Social Media! Way to ruin my fun you jerkoffs! That meant there is only one thing left to do – Leave a bad Facebook Review! That will teach them to never mess with ol H Dots fun again.


I encourage you all share this blog post all over social media. These guys are arrogant, barely trained and a discredit to the wrestling business that I assume many of you care for. They have taken advantage of many people, were involved in a scandal with a “wrestler” they employed trying to entice a 15 year old girl with drugs and also discourage any growth in any of their talent. An embarrassment that should be shamed in public. Hype Gotti is the man to do it, repercussions don’t exist to me and I lost my fucks to give years ago. Fuck them.


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