TWELVE Hours of Combat Sports Rundown (MMA/Boxing/NXT?)

A crazy day of fights lined up, over 12 hours worth beginning at 11:30 am. UFC is running a card in Belfast headlined by a rematch between Gegard Mousasi and Uriah Hall and Ryan Bader vs Little Nog in Sao Paulo. Bellator goes tonight from San Jose with Michael Chandler vs Benson Henderson. Then probably the most anticipated fight of all in boxing, two top 5 P4p in the world 30-0 “Son of God” Andre Ward vs 30-0-1 “Krusher” Sergey Kovalev. Kovalev, actually killed someone in a boxing ring… No really, he killed someone.

In all, 31 fights today across the board up to bet on and that doesn’t even include the NXT Takeover fights on the WWE Network. But I’ll leave that coverage to someone else. Here were the highlights from the day.

At 11:30 AM, Abdul Razak Alhassanand Charlie Ward (not that Charlie Ward) made their UFC debut. Alhassan apparently wanted to show off his right hand.

The next five fights went decision, third round women’s ground and pound TKO, second round arm bar, rear naked choke with the highlight being Justin Ledet’s hair followed by another decision in a women’s fight.


He got that rear naked choke win though, so should have some money to afford the rest of that hair cut.

Kevin Lee made some noise earlier this week saying Eddie Alvarez embarrassed the division against Conor McGregor last Saturday night. “If I ever see Eddie, I’ll slap the hell outta him.”

Would have been very embarrassing to deliver that Hot Take then get destroyed a few days later but Lee choked Magomed Mustafaev out then begged for a $50,000 bonus and a McGregor fight after.

Gonna have to get your name up before you can get a shot at the Double Champ dude.

Shout out to Kevin Lee’s corner though-

Heavyweight Tim Johnson who looks like a character straight out of Moe’s Tavern knocked out Alexander Volkov with a punch out of the Tank Abbot playbook.

Another UFC debut Jack Marshman from Wales looked awesome unloading on Magnus Cedenblad.

In the Main Event in Belfast Gegard Mousasi got his revenge over Uriah Hall and dominated Uriah Hall with a first round stoppage just as a -550 favorite should do. Gegard is likely a win away from title contention.

Just as Fight Night 99 is ending 100 in Brazil is beginning. Two shows and still won’t go on as long as UFC MSG did. Way to go by the UFC as well branding Fight Night 100 so well. You had the opportunity for a major card there tonight and you roll out Ryan Bader and Little Nog to compete with Boxing, Bellator and WWE? Come on.

This post will wind up being about 50 MB if I don’t begin trimming some stuff out. Only highlight reels and major results from here.

Johnny Eduardo beat Manny Gamburyan and you can look for this celebration all over the NFL Sunday I’m sure.

Over in Bellator “BABY SLICE” Kevin Ferguson Jr. the son of Kimbo made his debut. His ground game was roughly six hundred times better than his dads was. Maybe more, a much more diverse attack. Not great or anything but shocking he came out of Kimbo’s plums. Slice took the first round was winning the second when he rolled right into a choke and tapped almost instantly. He looked a lot better than I thought he would even taking into consideration I figured Bellator paid his opponent off to lay down long ago.

The UFC took it upon themselves to officially lay the #MannequinChallenge to rest.

Going to check out what is going on over on NXT here real quick.


*Goes back to the fights*

Teri Anne Taylor-Melendez (Gilbert Melendez’s wife) made her Bellator MMA debut winning with a very quick knockout.

Bellator then announced Fedor is back on February 18th to fight Matt Mitrione in San Jose… Fedor was in the house in his Wednesday Night at the bars looking fresh for your High School friends reunion.

Fight fatigue setting in now as Michael Venom Page, one of the most exciting fighters on the planet is being booed for this three round snoozer with Fernando Gonzalez. He coasted and took a split decision win that very easily could have been a loss. Extremely underwhelming performance and needs to be put in with a killer next time around.

Pretty awesome right now as Kovalev/Ward and Henderson/Chandler all making their entrances while Thomas Almeida and Albert Morales are fight at the same time.

Absolute madness right now. Almeida finishes Morales in the second, Kovalev drops Ward and Henderson gets taken to SUPLEX CITY by Michael Chandler!

Ryan Bader completely dominated Little Nog to the surprise of absolutely no one. Stopped in the third, Little Nog has to retire (three years ago).

Chandler took a split decision again Henderson to retain his title. Henderson almost finished it in the fifth and ran around the cage like a mad man after the fight ended. Maybe if he used some of that energy he evidently had saved up he could have done something in the earlier rounds. Major loss for God.

Fight of the day then ultimately was Kovalev vs Ward. Awesome to see two boxers in their prime come out and lay it all out on the line, not wait five years. Ward took the decision 114-113 across the board. I had it the other way scored for Kovalev but not too mad at it. Kovalev was puzzled by the decision and having a hard time accepting it, even went on to blame the United States judges. Good for God getting a win back after letting Ben Henderson down a twenty minutes prior.


Don’t wait around, run this one back soon HBO.



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