Khabib Nurmagomedov Just Redefined The Sliding Into The DMs Game


Damn Khabib, don’t hurt em! That is next level power move right there. While you and I are sliding into chicks DM’s for two message conversations that normally wind up like this


Then rushing to the girls timeline to be sure she didn’t post a screen cap with a meme next to it like.


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Khabib is in the Double Champs DM’s completely cuckolding him. Conor was all nice and cordial with him their last chat “See you soon champ” then Khabib completely turns heel on him and posts the conversation. If anyone ever called me out with words like Irish Warrior, Samurai or Chicken to question my manhood or get a rise out of me you’re damn right I’d ignore them and hope they just went away. Obviously a few screws loose. Hey Khabib, the DM’s were made for asking chicks what they’re doing now that they’re back in your hometown for Thanksgiving week that you never left, not legally binding fights for the 155 pound belts. But if you can parlay this all out social media cuck-a-thon into a million dollar payday then do your thing, with your bear wrestling ass.

Oh and I guess DM’s are also for Dixie Carter to sass me on my language as well.



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