Zapruder Analysis Of ‘They was Banging at Rythmz Lastnight’

Rhythmz lounge is an Omaha treasure. Truth be told I didn’t know it was still called Rhythmz Lounge, seems like that has been the name for over two years. Usually they change the name every two years after a shut down, shooting or massive riot you know ho-hum whatever. Back in the day when it was Roxburry, Pulse, Rehab or whatever it was the Omaha hot spot for teenagers to go get their drink on, perverts to dance on high school women. What a great place, conveniently located right there on 108th and Q. Guaranteed the only bar in Southwest Omaha that can shut down local restaurant and gas stations when it closes. Sacrificing profit over having to deal with the clientele says a lot about the crowd at Rhythmz.

It’s a shame the place sucks so bad now as inside it is probably the best bar/club in Omaha. Place is super nice. Just located in a cursed location. The place has a reputation and no bar is ever going to move in and change that without a complete overhaul. I remember years back they tried making a country bar and the result stayed the same, it’s not a race thing it’s a 108th and Q bar thing. The place is going to be trouble no matter what theme you try to mask it with.

So Friday night they had a little get together for Black Friday, an all black party. Get it? Black Friday/All Black… Clever.


Something tells me she wasn’t in attendance.

Luckily for me and others of my ilk(people who just want to watch the world burn) Rhythmz Lounge went full Rhythmz Lounge and we got us a nice fight video recorded by Malaysia Carroll. Shout out, lets check it out Zapruder style.

First things first, 2016 and we still filming vertical? C’mon now!

00-08: We join the video in progress as the lights to the club are already on. Low key worst moment of any night. Especially with no warning you know there were some dudes not wanting to know what they were about to head home with all while using that dimly lit lighting to hide themselves a bit. Then they get shocked with the lights on and a brawl breaking out, dirty move. Love those Anderson Silva like knees coming in hot as well, that’s how you start a fight video.


09-19: Overhand rights from Riddick! Note the chick in Red Ugly Christmas sweater throwing hands in the background. Also gotta love the chick in the leather jackets commitment to her cocktail. Not letting that go like a prime Julian from Trailer Park Boys all while getting some jabs in.


20-29: Chick in red just teleported to the action! Like there wasn’t enough violence on that side of the club so in the time it took this person to start stop a video she got all the way over there. A helpless body on the ground? Smells blood, get to the action! Pretty sure I saw Kat Williams in there getting it too at the end.


30-35: Love it! Our girl Malaysia took the $1 tip on the bar from the bartenders. Hey bartenders, maybe if you were doing your job a little better and not over-serving the fine patrons of Rhythmz Lounge then we wouldn’t have a Royal Rumble on our hands. Malaysia you earned that dollar for this video, actually make that two. Send me your Venmo account and I’ll send you another one over.

36-44: “Oh my god are you ok?” As she rises back to her feet like the Undertaker. Uhhh, no did you just not see her getting stomped out on the ground? She’s definitely not OK. I’d say she had a concussion but Roger Goodell convinced me those are fake. Love all the fellas just pulling a straight up Animal Instinct Joe Spenceri move with their phones out recording. Gotta get that viral footage, most important part of life everyone. “Break that shit up? Save the girl getting helplessly stomped out on the ground? Naw fuck that, this is gonna get a bunch of hearts on Instagram!” I’m with you guys, no judgement here.

44-55: Classic Omaha Night security not lifting a finger until the end… “OK you guys had your fun.” then begins herding everyone towards the door. I wouldn’t break a sweat for that place either, liquor license probably about to be revoked for the fifteenth time and out a job anyways. Stay healthy.

Just another holiday weekend party on 108th and Q… Also in the interest of fairness, I would like to report that I went to Perry’s Place a few blocks away on 99th and Mockingbird last night around 12:30 AM and they were closing up an hour and a half early because they had their own fight which was apparently just as crazy. Maybe even worse as I’ve yet to see anyone’s video because they were all in there fighting. Would love to see some Perry’s fighting which by my best educated guess would be a slightly different demographic going at it.

Worst part of writing this though? Did some research on Rhythmz and saw I missed out Wednesday night on the “Banda Lamento Show” !!!! Sucks! I heard those Chicos can get the fiesta MUCHO GRANDO El-LIT-O!



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