Gotta Get This Iowa Woman In Her Grave Digger Shirt On My Defense Team


KNOXVILLE, IowaA Knoxville man faces felony charges after he threatened to shoot police officers.

Corie Briggs, 34, was charged with threats of terrorism after police say he made the threats to officers who booking him into the Marion County Jail for a traffic citation.

Courts documents show Briggs said he was going to “get a handgun and shoot you. Just like the other ole boy did up there in Des Moines to those other two officers.”

First of all stating the obvious- It may not be the right time at the moment to be making threats of Police Officers anywhere in the country and especially in Des Moines where two were killed just weeks ago.

But if you do decide to do something so stupid, you gotta have your legal council ready go go and that is the one thing Corie Brigs had. His ride or die, his ace boon coon, his sister. She was ready to go on the news and go to bat with him wearing her trusty Grave Digger shirt. You know who tells the truth? You know who wouldn’t fib a little for a reduced charge? Someone in a Monster Truck shirt, that’s who. Grave Digger is all about respect, honor, discipline. Gave Digger don’t do shootin cops and lying on the TV set. Oh no, no no.

I’m assuming this blog will only get like 75 views because I’m not dealing with Midwest Independent Wrestling Tom-Foolery but I’m leaving you 75 readers with an order here. I can assure you I won’t be ever charged for doing something as stupid as terrorist threats to a Police Officer. But I may get myself in trouble one day. Probably write something wildly offensive on here and need legal council along with someone out on the front lines fanning the flames for me. Whomever that winds up being make sure they are defending old Hype Gotti with the latest in Monster Truck Fashion. Truly my only hope. Grave Digger, Bigfoot, Maximum Destruction just get a Monster Truck shirt on this team please.

Goldberg is hot in the streets right now, would love a Goldberg Monster Truck shirt repping hard for me.


Shout out to the Donkey Kong Truck



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