Motel 6 Robbed (Again)


OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) For the second time in the past week, the Motel 6 at South 84th Street and Interstate 80 in Omaha has been robbed.

According to police radio reports, a man jumped over the front counter and took money, then ran from the scene around 5:15 a.m.

The same motel was robbed last Tuesday morning by a man who also climbed over the counter and emptied the cash drawer.

If I’ve said it once I’ve said it 24 times, the easiest crimes to get away with are committed in plain sight. Who would ever think to rob a Motel let alone a dump like Motel 6, this guy didn’t even set his sights high for the Holiday Inn, too out in the open. What kind of cash could the Motel 6 possibly have on hand? I assume their continental breakfast and coffee bar aren’t raking in the cash over the day. So what do they have, change for the vending machine? Well that’s $40 in this thief’s pockets at his leisure a couple times a week. Say he is also filling out online surveys, donating plasma twice a week and donating some cans our man here is looking at $400 cold hard cash a week. That’s holiday spending money all month long. Good for him, stay away from the banks and pay day loan places, hit up the motels with nothing on hand. You’ll keep skating by for a while, kudos.

Editor’s Note: If somehow Motel 6 isn’t upgraded into 2016 and takes cash for rooms with no credit card deposit for “incidentals” then this blog is entirely invalid and I’ll be staying (note:partying) at Motel 6’s exclusively from now on.


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