Apparently You Can’t Ride Your Horse From South Carolina to Florida

And the pussification of America continues…

Man Arrested on Animal Cruelty Charges After Riding Horse From South Carolina to Florida


(Yahoo News) A man was arrested on animal cruelty charges in Miami on Wednesday after riding his horse nearly 700 miles from his home in South Carolina to Key West, police said.

Christopher Emerson, 36, was arrested as he rode his horse, Trigger, on a busway in Miami, ABC affiliate WPLG reported.

Emerson, who kicked off his journey to South Florida more than four months ago from Greenwood, S.C., said he had been going through a “rough patch with my wife, had a divorce, wrecked my truck,” so he wanted a fresh start.

But his mode of transport didn’t sit well with passers-by along his journey, let alone Trigger.

The South Florida SPCA received several calls from the public informing them that Trigger appeared in poor health.

According to WPLG, Trigger was found with low body weight and low body fat. On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being almost obese, Trigger registered a 3.

Emerson told police that “he did not have any money to feed his horse or himself” and was depending on strangers for assistance to survive the trip.

Controversial statement coming…. I’m not one for animal cruelty. Have not, do not condone it and never will. Having said that, I don’t hate this idea. This country was built on Horseback from what I understand(IDK just sounded cool really).

But, what else are you going to do when your pick up trucks broken down and your wife don’t want you no more?  Turn a Country Radio station on your Walkman, hop on horse back and take your ass down to South Beach for Senoritas, Beach Vibes and blow. That’s just the circle of life. This idiot Chris biggest mistake was being broke. You gotta strap up with plenty of barley, oats and carrots dude. I mean what the fuck is this your first rodeo? *Rimshot*

PS- Trigger is a 10/10 name for a Thoroughbred. I don’t care if you can see Triggers entire skeletal frame or if he’s the longest shot on the board I’m betting Trigger every time I see his name pop at the OTB. Mental toughness through the roof, I can’t make it two hours without stopping to graze a little and this tough SOB is carrying Chris Emersons broke, cucked, truckless ass across Georgia down to South Beach. Move over dogs, horses- mans new best friend.


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