Oh No, No… Bam Margera Is Not Done, Drops Hottest Track Of 2016

Previously in Bam Margera – Bam Margera Is Looking Like Shit. He was jumped by some White Icelandic Rappers and got all his Jackass/CKY street credit taken from him.


I have to admit, even myself, the biggest CKY/Jackass/Bam supporter going thought that may be it. It could be the end of the line for the favorite crew of my entire life. Bam with permanent beer bloated face, his ass kicked crying about it on YouTube made a young H Dot so sad on the inside. Bam was a hero, that wasn’t how it was supposed to end.

On this just a few days after Thanksgiving I finally found what I have to be thankful for… Bam is back people as he has dropped the hit new single with the Evesdroppers “Coming Home”

Ok sure it isn’t the Bam of 2000 that I idolized but it’s not that Bam. The Bam beat up by White Icelandic Rappers and any Bam is better than that Bam.


Sure, I don’t get why he is working out shirtless on a cold ass looking beach being chased by dogs. But that’s just called art, I’ll wake up and realize it one day.

And in the interest of being completely honest, the song kicks ass. Some serious 99 Alt Rock, Johnny Cash Backwoods Country shit. Just my type of thing, that type of shit I live for…

Also in the interest of being completely transparent even if the song completely sucked I wouldn’t admit nor realize it as I’m 1000% bias towards the crew who (unfortunately) had the most influence of my entire upbringing.

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