Some Kids Have All The Luck, 15 Year Old Lavista Boy Getting Sent Nudes By 32 Year Old Hottie

La Vista woman, 32, accused of sending inappropriate photos 15-year-old boy

(World Herald)– A 32-year-old La Vista woman was arrested after police said she sent a 15-year-old boy pictures of herself in various stages of undress.

La Vista Police Chief Bob Lausten said his department was notified by Omaha police after the boy’s father reported finding the photos on his son’s phone. Police arrested Michelle Monasmith at her La Vista home on South 71st Avenue after conducting a search warrant at the house and recovering items from the photos, Lausten said.

Police are still investigating the relationship between Monasmith and the boy, Lausten said.


How about this kids dad snitching him out? What the hell is your problem dude?  Your seed just skipped over inexperienced overly emotional teenagers, skipped the vapid ass college chicks, even bypassed the annoying 20 year olds putting their pussy on a pedestal straight for the cougars. That’s next level player shit from your kid… And you mad bro… YOU MAD.


That should have been one of the proudest moments of your fathering career. That first little league hit, (…. searching my mind for another way to make a father proud, being I’m not one I literally have no clue how to do that. Not like I made mine proud.) so then getting nudes sent to you by a 32 year old woman. Those must be the two benchmarks in making your dad proud. Then this dude took it from him. That kid was the cock of the walk in the Freshman hallways and you took it from him. Shitty snitching parenting. He was probably just jealous. Bet dad tried to throw the dick at Michelle and got rejected, then cuckolded by his own son. Nerd.

So not only have you done that, now we have sweet ass Michelle Monasmith looking like some sick pedophile cause our culture dictates you’re supposed to think like that. (Yeah, if this is a 32 year old man and 15 year old girl I have a 1000% different opinion on the matter. I’m still somewhat sexist in 2016, sorry not sorry.)

The true victim here though is Michelle’s kid. Something tells me the 15 year old getting the pics was one of her kids friends… Flat out vicious to have your mom participating in a cuck-session of you. Only move you have is to move in with dad, transfer to some soft Millard school and change your identity bro. Roastin sessions for the rest of your High School life bro. I don’t envy you.

PS- You already know


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