Does This Look Like The Face Of A Woman Who Who Was Arrested For Stealing Hydrocodone From CVS?


(KETV)- A man was arrested in connection to a CVS pharmacy robbery Friday morning.

Daniel Scibek, 36, of Bellevue, was arrested and police recovered numerous bottles of medication, valued at several thousand dollars, which are believed to have been stolen from the pharmacy.

The robbery took place around 5:30 a.m. near 17 Street and Galvin Road.

Officers were told the robber demanded hydrocodone medication.


Nah.. Nah, that doesn’t look like like the face of a woman arrested for stealing Hydrocodone from CVS. Why do you ask? Because that’s a man!


Shocking turn of events there for dat boi Danielle Scibek. I opened that link originally 100% sure it was your every day strung out chick trying to feed her addiction story but oh no, no. No it was not. Daniel here was hitting the CVS at 5:30 AM with his Ellen haircut, sexy little Cindy Crawford dimple and Keno-Ball eyes trying to feed that addiction.

Reality here is this wasn’t even close to blog worthy but yo, Daniel you look like a chick dude and I can’t let that go unmentioned while you’re sitting in Sarpy!


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