Hell Of A Headline Out Of KMTV- Sex with animals could soon be illegal in Ohio 


Sex with animals could soon be illegal in Ohio

Ohio lawmakers took a big step on Wednesday toward banning bestiality in the state as the Ohio’s Senate voted 31-0 in favor of a bill criminalizing sex with animals.


Love that it’s a “big step” in Iowa. Animal Lives didn’t matter either until now, 2016. The end of 2016… TWO THOUSAND AND SIXTEEN. Huge victory for the orifices of  Ohio’s Animals with that 31-0 victory.

Ohio is among a group of roughly a dozen states that does not have a law prohibiting bestiality. If Senate Bill 195 passes through Ohio’s GOP-held House, and is signed by the state’s Gov. John Kasich, Ohio will join 39 states that have laws prohibiting sex with animals.

Sex with animals is not illegal in a dozen states?!? Shit!


Whew. I don’t think I could have handled it being legal in Nebraska.

And- Not Surprised, Not Surprised, Not Surprised, Not Surprised, Not Surprised, Not Surprised, Not Surprised, Not Surprised, Not Surprised, SURPRISED Virginia come on man, Not Surprised, Not Surprised.

Surprised- Iowa not having it legal. Actually, shocked it isn’t aloud. But look at us Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri our little square here so progressive and cultural, not fucking animals and shit.

The law:

  • Prohibits a person from knowingly: (1) engaging in, organizing, promoting, aiding, or abetting specified sex-related activities with an animal, or (2) possessing, selling, or purchasing an animal with the intent that it be subjected to those activities.
  •  Authorizes the seizure and impoundment of an animal that is the subject of a violation, or attempted violation, of either prohibition.
  •  Authorizes a court sentencing an offender for a violation of either prohibition to order the forfeiture of the animal or require the offender to undergo psychological evaluation or counseling.


How do you possibly UNKNOWINGLY have sex with an animal? I would love to see Governor Kasich sitting their listen to the merits of knowingly and unknowingly having sex with an animal… I think the psychological evaluation or counseling should go without saying…

And as gross as the animal fuckers are we really have people out there “promoting sex related activities” with animals?! Good god, Lebron get your people together!

A person who violates the law could be charged with a second-degree misdemeanor. The crime would come with up to three months of jail time and a $750 fine. 

Something tells me a three month jail sentence and a $750 fine isn’t going to scare someone nasty enough to bang Fido off from doing it. My god. That’s it?! They must really enjoy their bestiality in Ohio.

Live look at Ohio hearing about the decision-

And that’s how it’s done… A bestiality blog before 10 AM Folks.


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