Does This Look Like The Face Of A Woman Who Would Throw A Pot Of Hot Grease At You?


STOCKTON, Calif. – A California woman was arrested Monday after police said she threw hot grease on them.

The incident began with a report that someone was trying to set the kitchen in a house on fire. Police said when they arrived at the house, they found the suspect, Elsarie Deloney, 46, in the kitchen holding a smoking pot of grease.

Officers said they tried to talk to the suspect, but Deloney threw the contents of the pot at officers, including a K-9 officer. A Taser was deployed to subdue Deloney, according to the Stockton Police Department.



Absolutely it does. Are these cops idiots? If there is one thing I’ve learned as a middle class white male in my life it’s that you don’t fuck with a large black woman and her kitchen. Big mama GETS DOWN behind the stove so these cops were asking for it by going in there interrupting Elsarie cookin down on some post Thanksgiving goodness… Set the kitchen on fire? Nah, nah that’s just the atmosphere she whips that work in.

This article really just made me think of why it was such a good day for Ice Cube that mama was cookin the bacon with no hog?  Was he really trying to push that fake muslim persona back in ’92?  Even if he was bacon without grease that isn’t the kick start to your day bro, may as well of had some dry ass microwaved turkey bacon, same difference. Dumb lyric Cube.

BTW, maybe she just thought it was Mario or Luigi running up on her… Ever think of that?



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