Check Out My Boys Hit New Single – DOO DOO TIME

So after the first round of games on NFL Sunday I go take my traditional dump. Unload some of the weekends indiscretions before sitting back down to watch three more hours of Football, three hours of WWE TLC and the 90 minute Westworld finale. So while sitting there on the porcelain throne for ‘me time’ I am deleting old texts. I had one from one of my buddies back in Los Angeles that’s been sitting there a few days, a link to his new music video. I go to swipe delete but something stops me, I’ll give it a shot. He’s a comedian and aspiring actor out there so why not at least throw him a view. I’m assuming the video is going to be him standing in as some R&B love interest in some well produced video with an ok song and average beat with another Model/Actress trying to make it… Seen these things dozens of times in Southern California.. I couldn’t be any more wrong, so as I sit there taking my own dump I for the first time of like hundreds in my life had the pleasure of viewing… from the creative mind of Rasheed Stephens, “Doo Doo Time”

A R&B love song about taking shits, instant classic.

“Do what your body does, naturally… In fact I’ll take a crap with ya”

You already know I’m hopping in on part deux.

Also check out the trailers for his new movie coming out soon “Induced Effect” naturally about (Boner Pill) Drug Dealers-


6 thoughts on “Check Out My Boys Hit New Single – DOO DOO TIME

  1. Sh March 30, 2017 / 1:41 pm

    Fuck you cheap bastard! You dont have the right to share this! You will be FUCKED soon!

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  2. Ema March 30, 2017 / 1:47 pm

    Yes this is my video, posted here without my permission! SPAM

    Rasheed Stephens is an unprofessional actor there was no right for him to post this video! Reported!

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