Kangaroo Headlocks Country Boys Dog, Pays The Ultimate Price

Fucked up for that Kangaroo to even signed on to fight with that dog. There was about a 100 pound difference in the two, Jon Jones vs Demeterious Johnson right there. Luckily for mans best friend his owner showed up to even the score, a true ride or die.

So now we’re left with a boxing match for the ages Man vs Beast. Going in I had the Joey at a firm -400 favorite. I guess not taking into consideration it was a straight up boxing match was my biggest mistake. Kangaroo ate that right jab up but the message was sent loud and clear, stay away from his his dog. Pick on someone your own size.

Shout out to that Kangaroo for respecting the rules of engagement. A boxing match is a boxing match a limited fight, this ain’t no K1/UFC match. If he went off script, risked losing his boxing license then that’s no more cherry picking dogs out in the Outback to pad your record. A little black eye but he lives to fight another day.

Things could have got ugly if he decided to “throw some spinnin shit” at ol Country Boy. Very lucky.


Hope the Roo wasn’t a straight bitch and went back to round up da homies though. Take the L and move on with your life dude, no need to escalate the situation.


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