An Update On The 32 Year Old LaVista Babe Snapping a 15 Year Old Boy Her Newds

In case you missed it- Originally; Some Kids Have All The Luck, 15 Year Old Lavista Boy Getting Sent Nudes By 32 Year Old Hottie



And you all aren’t going to believe this, she sounds like an absolute delight!  The joyous treat we deserve over the Holiday Season is Michelle Monasmith.


You think I tended to have some run on sentences?  That girl Michelle goes in with her thoughts and feelings, no commas, no periods, no breaks. Straight fire. As far as the deleting people thing, well that already happened. So if anyone else wants to add her and keep sending I’d appreciate it. But we got one more golden post from her before I had to go.

The marks of a bottom of the barrel, underbelly of society was all captured in that one post too. Some of the most delusional people out- Those who treat their Facebook access as a privilege. Like she is solving the all the world’s problems on her Facebook and we should be thankful. Act as if getting inside their Facebook, them hitting approve is like getting into Fort Knox. Nobody cares, nobody will notice, just go quietly into the night.


I appreciate her rubbing my balls a little saying my blog post equates to “the talk all over the world” but sorry bebe, only like 150 people read that last one. Maybe if you were a shitty Kansas City Wrestler I could have got another 3,000 views and been the talk of like… one little city. But nah, Snap Chatting 15 year old boys doesn’t drive the clicks like they used to. In the grand scheme of thing nobody really gives a shit, well except for your daughter who was friends with the kid(investigative journalism nbd).

But. HOLY SHIT! She’s also been banging Sergeant Mark Breenon Flash!  Whoever that is! Obviously a cop(context clues, investigative journalism, again nbd). But love Michelle’s end game here, if she’s going down she is taking the police department with her. Sure to tilt the leverage back in her favor in court. Probably tried to get Serg. to give a favor, tamper with some evidence, break the kids dads legs, he wouldn’t and now his marriage is wrecked. Fight fire with fire, Michelle and I have a lot in common- Some people just want to watch the world burn.


Part three? Well one of you are going to have to add her and keep me up to date.


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