Not A Lot I Love More Than A Twitter Mob Beatdown

I’m a front runner, a chalk better, I love a mob mentality.  You could say I’m a bully. They say bullies only go after people to make themselves feel better… And they’re right. That’s exactly why I pick on people. That’s just the reason KCXW had to ban me. I have low confidence so I go after others to just give myself a little pump up, a little pep in my step. So when I see some poor lady tell a corny anecdote and I’m presented with the opportunity to pounce on her early I have to take that shot. My 2017 motto, just like Kobe- Shooters Shoot.

This happened Christmas night and has kept me entertained since. Here is the original harmless tweet from twitter user @EDEBELLAUTHOR with only 450 followers-


Innocent enough. While everyone on twitter wants to pay tribute to dead celebrities the best, like it’s some kind of contest who can mourn the hardest. She fired a lie off about her six year old making some corny American Dad joke. But somewhere in there someone saw it, unfortunately for her, it began to be retweeted a few times and then myself and the twitter mob. We pounced.







You get the point. Hundreds and hundreds more memes and “never happened” sent right at her.  She did herself a favor and never replied or made matters worse by feeding us trolls who wanted blood. She also gained no followers through all of this, so really no upside to her corny lie of a joke.

BTW-It all makes sense when you check her Twitter-Bio and see her occupation.


Oh yes, fantasy author… Of course. Well jokes on us and E.D.E. Bell laughs last.

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