NJ cop hits bunny-costume-wearing, horn-blowing prankster at police station

Their words, not mine.

NJ cop hits bunny-costume-wearing, horn-blowing prankster at police station

HOPATCONG — A police officer in Sussex County could face criminal charges after he was caught on live video hitting a man who showed up to the police station dressed as a bunny and blowing a loud air horn.

Kevin Hemmerich, 29, and his brother thought it would be funny to make a video of Hemmerich causing “a little bit of ruckus” before he turned himself in for an arrest warrant, his brother told New Jersey 101.5 on Friday.

But a police officer on duty didn’t get the joke.

In the video streamed live on Facebook by Jason Hemmerich, an officer identified by Jason as Nicholas Maresca is seen hitting Kevin in the face after cursing him out.

Huge shout out to the New Jersey 101.5 Website. A Website only slightly rated behind mine. Because they showed some serious journalistic integrity with that headline. That was no click bait, no buzz feed bait and switch, no clicking through twenty links to see what happens to a Bunny Rabbit who went into a Police Station blowing an air horn. This was cut and dry, what you see is what you get. Because this jerk off puts his Bunny Suit in, went into the police station, blew an air horn and got hit by a cop. Eye for an eye if you ask me. Have you ever been woke up from a nap when you didn’t want to be? Homicidal tendencies, now imagine its a jerk off in a bunny costume? A punch in the eye is the low end trade off (lets be real, the cop was napping). Check out the video below and see EXACTLY what the headline said would happen, happen.

Hoping in 2017 this trend picks up. People pulling pranks in public get their asses kicked for thinking their idiotic pranks are funny. YouTube pranksters are one of my if not the most hated subculture.



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