The Music City Bowl Got Kicked Off With Sonjay Dutt VS Shawn Shultz for GFW

Just when you think you know a guy right? For 15 years Sonjay Dutt has been coming to Nebraska to wrestle as his home away from home away from home (via India via Virginia). Then as the private event is going on for the Music City Bowl he has the perfect opportunity to show his Cornhusker boys some love and dance with them, show love on the way out, but classic pro-wrestling he is indifferent towards them and winds up dancing with our opponents the Tennessee Volunteers? SMH.


I think the only way to really sort out what happened here is bring Sonjay back to Omaha very soon so he can be confronted for this treasonous act. So NOW, Magnum, PWP, MWA whoever else. Ball is in your court. Sonjay can come with his Orange Tennessee flag and I’ll step up to represent us.

But for real that was an awesome event and by far the best bowl season gift I’ve seen a team received. The kind of crowd you live to work in front of, they were on fire. Two hundred crunk college kids? Sign me up.

Sonjay got Tennessee the win here, but tomorrow?

Nebraska 24
Tennessee 16


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