Not Gonna Lie, Think I Need These Air Hitlers

Available at- AMAZON.

Not mad at these, not mad one bit. Especially when you check that low price tag of just $40 after some free shipping with your Prime Membership? Can’t put a price on fashion.  Leaving Swastikas around the snow may not be the hottest look, but it’s 2017 I don’t think being tracked by Simon Wiesenthal. Maybe tracked by Tim Kennedy, but we saw what Kelvin Gastelum did to him who would be worried about that?

Plus the reviews for the most part are pretty enticing-

starsFour Stars
By Kevin Provost on January 9, 2017
I’ve tried a lot of other boots, but I think these will be my final solution.
Awesome boots! Goebbel them up!
starsGood for marching into Poland
By Amazon Customer on January 9, 2017
Just a bit of a warning however: They footprints leave little Swastikas. Good for marching into Poland, but not so good for much else.
Heil Bootler
By kaminar21 on January 9, 2017
They weren’t the reich size.
Question: Will these be good boots for walking through snow? I usually walk about a mile through snow every Friday for temple.

Answer: They’ll do alt right. They trump my old ones anne frankly that’s all I’m asking. And at $40 there’s no need for any economic anxiety.

Question: I see that these boots leave 8 little swastikas when I walk. Are there boots that have more than 8 swastikas?

Answer: You could wear some on your hands as well.


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