We Already Have Simp Of The Year


Rare that the coveted Simp of the Year award can be locked up and put away for the year just a few weeks in but here we are. I guess 2017 is just one of those years, similarly the Pro Wrestling match of the year was won four days in with Kazuchika Okada and Kenny Omega at the Tokyo Dome.

But this just does not compute. I really need a glance at this girls Instagram, 30 hours round-trip? She thirst trapped the ever living hell out of this fool. This dude thought he was landing some IG Model goldmine cause of the 30 filters and effects ran over her photos with 5,000 followers. Reality hit him like a brick in the face when he got down to Arkansas… I bet she doesn’t have a car either, which explains him not breaking down for a simple $200 round trip flight. Had to lug her around all weekend while probably springing for his own hotel she wouldn’t come back to.

Michael Scott had some real life true love and wouldn’t even forget the eight hour trip from Scranton to Nashua yet this dry dick fucker is willing to drive four times that for an average piece? Unreal.

Now hit Rahzon’s music




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