You Don’t Mess With A Mans Chicken, Especially If He Has A Devil Star Tat On His Forehead


COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa (KMTV) – A man in Council Bluffs is behind bars on suspicion of arson.

The Council Bluffs Police Department arrested 42-year-old Robert New on Tuesday.

According to Council Bluffs Fire, they believe New was setting a trash can on fire inside the men’s restroom at the Popeye’s restaurant on West Broadway back on January 29th.

New faces a first degree arson charge as result of this incident.

There were no reports of any damage or injuries in the fire.


People, that’s the problem with these highbrow, bad and boujee chicken chain joints today. You order your chicken with a little extra spice, extra crispy and they blow you off.  It isn’t Burger King, you can’t have it your way. You get the chicken how it comes straight off the menu from the fryer. I am a grown man, I like my chicken with variety. Chicken all day, every day with a different spin to each sweet piece of poultry. I want it hot and crispy, don’t give me the stock shit from your freezer Popeyes. You should be better from that, that’s why the hood rides so hard for you…

The way I see it my guy Bobby New was just fixing a critical error on the chicken shacks part. Take your supposed spicy chicken to the garbage can in the bathroom, out of the public way and light that shit on fire. Get your extra crisp you wanted because those lazy ass employees wouldn’t toss it in the fryer for an extra few minutes.

Plus, hey Popeye’s maybe when someone waltzes in there with Sigil of Baphomet AKA THE DEVIL STAR tattooed on their forehead, you pay attention and make right on his order the first time. When you put that shit on your forehead you may risk ever becoming gainfully employed again, but in exchange for that you also make the rules at Fast Food joints. That’s what you get, people bring up Robert’s ability to be gainfully paid and he gets to reply that “so what I make the rules at Fast Food spots” fairs fair.


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