16 Year Old Cali High Schooler Drops a Modest 92 Points In Game

ESPN  – Lonzo Ball has some competition in his own family.

Five-star sophomore LaMelo Ball, the younger brother of UCLA star freshman Lonzo, scored 92 points on Tuesday night for Chino Hills High School (California).

LaMelo was 37-for-61 from the field overall and made only seven 3-pointers en route to the 92 points. He went 30-for-39 from 2-point range.

Sixty One shots (la)Melo? That’s all? Couldn’t have squeezed a few more out? Talk about art imitating life here fellas, of course, this little puke is named after the premiere lazy, chucking, no defense playing, loafer in the NBA – Carmelo Anthony. It was his destiny to go out and put up a selfish stat line like that. Carmelo Anthony merely adopted the dark, LaMelo Ball was born into it.

Now, admittedly I haven’t seen a lot of 92 point games in my day so I’m judging this off a small sample size. But that was by far the most unimpressive 92 I’ve seen in my day. In my day we ask someone cherry picking like that to politely leave the court. Kid was exhausted from all that not running back on D, until he got his hands on the rock anyways then he could go. This shit was nothing more than a viral stunt, I don’t even know what 16 year old high schoolers are called? Are they Millenials too or is their a whole new sub genre of shitty kid I have to add to my lexicon to hate as well?  Give me an autistic kid draining an uncontested three over this dog and pony show any day of the week.

Oh and special shout out to #0 and #21 for the 200 rebounds and assists nobody will be talking about.

Take it away Shania-

The reality is this little puke is years from grabbing the world by its nuts and I’m sitting here in Omaha, Nebraska 19 years his elder, bitter, jealous and salty as fuck trying to tear him down at 3 in the morning. So, NO… NO I’m not OK.

Still though, my hair still better.


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