Emo Trump Is The Best Trump

I originally tried posting this video quickly to Facebook for a few thumbs up, a few likes, maybe some <3’s mixed in. Keep my relevance up on Facebook, cause I never go on that shit anymore. Then it comes to my attention that I’m on some kind of FBI watch list and the Donald already shut my shit down.  I can live with him and Zuckerbug censoring Facebook, but it will be a dark day when he starts censoring Twitter for old H. Dot.  This is what the video translated to when posted to Facebook-



Fucking Trump sending a bunch of my information directly the Russians, SMH.

But you can’t stop me on my own personal blog, Donnie. So everyone I give to you, Emo Trump.

Tremendous song, really vibing to it.  Like any good emo track, get me all in my feels.

Little pro-tip for everyone. Set your Twitter alerts to on from Donald. Every morning wake up around 8 AM and you’ll have 5 or 29 Tweets sitting on your phone from the most powerful man in the world whining, bitching and complaining about something.  Every day starts out with a little vote of confidence that hey- at least that aint me. Plus you before your day starts you have a jump on knowing why everyone is going to be mad all day.


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