Am I Proud Of Who All Has Me On Twitter Block? Why Yes


After my favorite sports writer Bill Simmons put me on block this week it got me thinking about my block resume. Bill is a guy who brags about not reading his mentions, but something tells me he does because I was blocked right after Tweeting this pic of him and Jared from Subway.


What’s wrong Bill? Don’t want the world knowing you were chummy with famed pedophile Jared from Subway? SMH.

If a guy I openly respect and have read for 15+ years has it in him to block me, I wonder just how many people I’ve actually thrown shade at, dislike or borderline harassed on Twitter have me on block.  I used to really enjoy tweeting at celebs and mostly borderline in their own head celebrities, so I did some research into the subject matter. Let’s get into all the people(that I know of) who have me blocked.


The A-List-


The fucking Hulkster has me on block! A young Hype Gotti would be absolutely devastated. A young Hype Gotti would be sickened by what he became. Twenty plus years later, old Hype Gotti finds it hilarious one of his childhood heroes wants nothing to do with him as far as to put an internet restraining order on him.


Sexual Harassment-


In 2012 my favorite thing to do was tweet at Wrestling “Divas” and ask for dates in rude and kind of offensive ways. Rosa, Christy and Brooke were a few of my favorites. It’s a shame it never worked out, five years later I’m still sitting here broken and single. SMH.


Social Commentary- 


This wrestling diva didn’t like my social commentary about the hair she was wearing on TNA Impact one fateful night.



In the vein of Bill Simmons three more sports nerds. No clue what I said to Deitsch, nothing turned up on a twitter search. Barnwell is a guy I like and wish he would remove me so tweet at him and ask him to grant me a pardon please.

Darren Rovell probably has the biggest block list in all of Twitter. It was a mission to get into that block list for quite a long time. I replied various forms of delete your account to him for years. Finally a couple years ago the biggest nerd on Twitter, Rovell granted me my wish and blocked me.


Tranny MMA Fighters- 


A niche group here. Made one joke at him/her and get put on block. In the last week I’ve seen Ace Ventura and an Office episode from 2010 where they make Tranny jokes. In 2017 that doesn’t fly though, times are a changing. There is another tranny with me on block but at the time of publishing my confidant Adam Lash hadn’t got back to me with his user name.


Wait, what?- 


Who are you? What are you? Never tweeted or interacted with once, clicked a conversation I was added to and blocked. That’s what we call street cred, on Twitter cred people.  I’m like a Twitter Boogie-Man, people running from me without doing a thing.



You know what? You know what Pro Wrestling? You know what happens, when I give the last 15 years of my life to you? You know what happens when I spend 30 years of my life being ridiculed for supporting you Pro Wrestling? You know what happens Pro Wrestling?



Independent Wrestling Scum- 

I’m honestly quite shocked that more scum from the independent wrestling scene does not have me on block. I’ve put most the eggs in my Twitter basket harassing and policing the indie wrestling scene. Cueball and the losers at KCXW Wrestling (redundant) just couldn’t handle the heat in the kitchen. The reality is these two deserve their own blog.


No surprise- 


Thirty Five years old and Nebraska girls have been blocking me the entire time. No surprise an account I’ve never heard of Tweets at me and I click through only to see I’m blocked. Here is to another half of my life being blocked on Social Media and Real Life Nebraska Women.

(Honorable mentions- Battle Rapper Aye Verb, MTV Real World lame ass @JayGMTV, A-Lister Amanda Bynes)


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