Is It OK To Tell The Homies “Goodnight”? A Case Study

A lot of negativity yesterday going through my Twitter block list. Many people are saying I fabricated the list to come off as more of a ‘bad boy’ very unfair! VERY FAKE NEWS! Sad! So I decided late last night to pump some positivity into my life. I will tell all my homies across text and social media a simple ‘Good Night’ and see how that works out. Possibly get a little lift me up.

Now, nine hours later I am looking back and realize I made a mistake. Nobody took my heart felt gesture seriously. So was it OK to wish them a goodnight in the first place? Should my man card be pulled? Well lets see how things went.

First up to two of my best friends –


One reply and it is being completely mocked for my friendly gesture. 0/1.

Guy Fieri? One of the coolest dudes out, we never met but I can only assume we’d be bros.


Nothing. 0/2.

I took to twitter next to wish my confidant Sir Adam Lash a goodnight.


He was very concerned with me.


Seemingly about to have an intervention put on for me just by having a nice friendly gesture? Shameful. 0/3.

My guy the “Black Beast” Derek Lewis is fighting on Sunday night in the UFC. Felt it was a good move to wish him the best.


Nothing back, I hope Travis Browne knocks you out now bro. 0/4.

Chicks are cool, chicks can be homies too. A little Snap Chat convo with two chicks will pick me up. Chicks won’t think this is weird at all.


One outta two aint bad. 1/6.

On a roll here, how about we see what one of my ex-girlfriends is doing.


Nothing. The romance is gone. 1/7.

Maybe on Facebook out in the open it won’t be so weird. People will be more receptive.


Now I’m being accused of being drunk just for saying goodnight, what kind of reputation have I cultivated myself here? 1/8.

So many friends are all jerks for the most part, how about a couple bros on Instagram with millions of followers? Sure, they have some intern who will check their DMs and tickle the fans balls with a little reply.

Pompous, conceited, arrogant dickbags. No time for the fans, very unfair! 1/10

I also sent a group text of 10 guys, another one of two, and another person messages with no replies. 1/23.

My famous boxing coach buddy surely will take me serious. Motivation, positivity and all that bullshit right?


Mocking me, smh. 1/24.

The owner of Victory Fighting, which airs live on UFC Fight Pass is sure to treat this in a professional manner, Ryan Stoddard.


Why so skeptical? Like I have an ulterior motive here. 1/25.

I know who I can rely on, a wrestling fan who messages me all the time.


No reply? Self confidence drowning here. 1/26.

Not the wrestling fan you were thinking of? I’ll get him. 1/27.


Blown off by my #1 Capo? The leader of Gotti Country? Unbelievable. 1/28.

Name censored for obvious reasons.


Only took nearly 30 messages for the gay accusations to come out. Major upset. My sexuality questioned for an act of kindness. 1/29.



What the hell man. I’ll take that as a half. I did get a ‘gn’ but had to endure being called a slut, middle fingers, laughed at and a fuk u for good measure. 1.5/30.

Needless to say my experiment didn’t work. It is not ok to tell the homies goodnight. So that was the first time and the last time I’m going out of my way for such a kind gesture. Fuck most of you too. And I swear I wasn’t drunk.


PS: the whole goodnight, good night, Goodnight thing had my mind in a pretzel the entire blog. Grammar sucks, figure it out English.



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