The Internet Is A Weird, Weird Place…

There is a website I have frequented since 2000, it is a very dark, dark place in the internet. I would never list the domain so it remains that way, the place is a collection of mostly at this point 28-45 year old men who started going for a common like of Hip-Hop but now years later…. You know what? Explaining this place isn’t possible. This was posted there this morning and now I present it to you without any further comment a story from one of the people who frequent said website…


So I’m out getting sushi with this girl, and randomly she asks me would I be willing for her to nurse me with a baby bottle. I figured she meant sometime in the future so I agreed to it and it didn’t seem like a big deal.

Little did I know she meant tonight. So we literally go to the grocery store and she buys some baby bottles. Then we go take my dog for a walk and while on this walk, I proceed to make jokes that it’s okay if she has a baby fetish and how I won’t judge her etc etc. She laughs and tells me I’ve been watching too many dirty movies.

So at this point I’m genuinely confused because I’m thinking she has to get off on this, right? I’ve never had a woman request this before, but she was down, and figured it would be worth the lulz in the future so I went with it. She actually requested that I rolll myself up in a blanket, while she craddles me and holds the bottle for me.

And I did it.

I won’t lie, I got a boner at first, because she was holding me and rubbing my head so I was thinking I’m gonna fuck or get something. But nope. She genuinely wanted to nurse me with a bottle and this went on for like 20 fucking minutes. Halfway through she’s like “now let’s make eye contact” and how “babies usually make eye contact when nursing.” These things are a lot tougher to use and I had to do my best not to choke while using it.

Then to make it crazier, she asks me if I want her to sing to me while nursing the bottle and I said sure. So what does she sing? She starts to sing in some language I never heard of. And proceeds to tell me it’s a language she made up when she speaks with god. It was actually relaxing and had harmony but it was all gibberish.

She then requested that it be her turn. And this bitch laid in my arms, wrapped in a blanket, while I held a bottle and she made “gaga” noises and acted like a baby.

So fucking weird. I’m still not sure if she got sexual pleasure from this. But it’s a very very weird for an adult woman to make.



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