After months off, it finally happened. It’s been a long and cold winter in the Midwest. People went into hibernation. Stayed off Social Media quite as much and then last week the sun came out, it warms up and my favorite section of the internet – The Underbelly of Society. Got back at it again, dragging one another’s name through the mud. Sullying each others reputations over Facebook for the lucky few who have remained unblocked to bare witness.

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a Glimpse Into The Underbelly of Society

#GottiCountry Is In Shambles

a Three Year Old Who Beefs On Facebook

I may have not found my exact voice on this blog yet, but there is no doubt I know what drives the people here. What butters my bread is the Underbelly of Society and my exclusive, no holds barred look into it. Lets take a look at what is going on today.

First up, one of dozens of Bubbles Burr Facebook statuses. While it’s been cold out he hasn’t taken an hour off from posting crybaby, emo teen, please give him attention statuses for the entire winter(or his life). He kicks things off with a rather mild one.


Got to wonder if he is talking about women or dogs? Makes ya think. And really, WOW.




Uhhh, yo Ryan Light what up lil man? This is my beat, H. Dot covers the Underbelly of Society son. Don’t come in there with those hard hitting investigative questions. I’m trying to eat here and Ryan Light is checking my pockets, trying to kick me off my corner SMH. Listen up kid, now that I’ve told you once don’t make me tell you agine.


I think Heather must have liked the status then unliked because Teresa Richey Niemiec Snodgrass Burr comes FROM THE CLOUDS telling her to fuck herself. More importantly though, we get to introduce the newest player to the Underbelly- Heather Jensen get ya some of this internet beef!


2017 is the year that the number one place in the world to dispute Child Costody Cases became Facebook. What a time to be alive.


Using ‘trick’ as an insult is so new wave, I gotta say I love it. Gone are the days of bitches and hoes. Back to calling women tricks. What’s old is new again, rite?

Love Heather’s braggadocios stunting as well. Heather probably got two phone as well.


I’m a million percent positive of all the reasons to be jealous of Teresa Richey Niemiec Snodgrass Burr there are, baring Bubbles Burr’s child who was taken away by CPS isn’t one of them.


Love that Teresa Richey Niemiec Burr Snodgrass did not dispute the meth flip floppin bitch dig. She just hit her with the rubber and glue response. So they both are meth flip flopping bitches?  Like a Moral Kombat mirror match here, folks.



Unbelievably, after all of that Bubbles finally turns up from his nap(or panhandling) and cucks for Teresa Richey Niemiec Snodgrass Burr. Unreal. He will post day and night about what a bitch she is and how he hates his life, then runs to her rescue when she is falling asleep every night in the arms of another man. A modern day Greek tragedy.

Had Heather Jensen as the clear winner, but the Burr clan and #GottiCountry ultimately eek this one out.  The deciding factor was Bobby dawning his cape and rescuing Teresa Richey Niemiec Snodgrass Burr from the beating Heather Jensen was laying down on her.

In summation, like the end of every blog I cover these people I leave you with my closing comment, just like on their status….



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