Does This Millard South Cop Who Threw Four Clean Uppercuts And Couldn’t Drop a High Schooler Need To Retire?

(fight starts at 40 seconds, twitter video below)

Look, I don’t know nor care what happened to lead up to this fiasco. Maybe the kid needed punched, maybe the kid had a gun on him, details aren’t all out yet. But what I do know is this. A middle aged Police Officer who throws clean uppercuts and punches like that and can’t drop some punk high school kid has gotta go. The guy was throwing with the precision of Conor McGregor.

Not only is his temperament not fit for the task at hand but his hands lack any real power. No student let alone any run of the mill law breaker will ever respect this dudes hands. And what happens when a police officer isn’t respected next? They start shooting. Pull the dudes badge, get him some counseling and be happy that chip on his shoulder didn’t turn into an itchy trigger finger.

A really brutal day for the Millard Public School system as well. This kid is getting his tweet viral with the preposition to instead of the adverb in his username.

Hopefully Rob McCartney found a toilet by now. Dude was about to explode on set.



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